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  • best cookies in los angeles 🍪 (at Milk Jar Cookies)

  • the collection is growing… 💚 #greenfairy

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  • buzz lightbeer (at Downtown Disney)

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  • Wonderful evening in Huntington Beach with @dydiddy @natalie_noelle @hilaryhopecarr

  • Stella 5ever

  • Last night outside of the abby in west hollywood I was waiting for my ride with a friend and we were sitting in the grass and this guy came up to me and started asking what I was doing now since it was after 2:00 and the bars closed, I told him I was going home and he grabbed my upper arm tightly and said “I’m having an after party at my house” and I was just being polite and said no thanks I have an uber coming and he started squeezing my arm tighter and said well I think you should come to my after party and at this time my friend was really drunk and laying on my leg and I said no I need to get her home and he said “well you can come to my place, right?” And I said no and he was still gripping my arm and he asked for my phone, but I didn’t have it with me so he took my friends phone that was in front of me and took a picture of his phone screen that had his address on it and squeezed my arm really tightly telling me that I better come now that he gave me his address.

    One of the most terrifying encounters I’ve ever had. Who knows what could have happened if I would’ve been more drunk or dumb. Please be safe out there girls. People are weird.

  • So much fun celebrating @jenna_nicolle1 21st birthday last night! 🎉

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    this is what im on tumblr for

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    sometimes i’ll have loads of money and then other times i’ll be awake

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